Công nghệ Cleanmax

Thien Thanh Sanitaryware joint company

1. Formation of stain

Stain is formed due to mineral residue in water adhered in ceramic surface during use and accumulated after a long time, resulting in rough surface, facilitating stain to adhere deeply and difficultly to clean. Regular washing and cleaning require more time and effort: Hard brush with heavy detergent is used, affecting environment and people health without obtaining desired cleanliness. Due to effective cleaning demand, CLEANMAX science – technology is applied to solve the problem by Thien Thanh: stains are effectively prevented to adhere in ceramic surface.

2. What is Cleanmax technology?
Cleanmax particles with nano size shall penetrate tiny holes in ceramic surface to form highly hydrophobic coating. When water exposes to such coating, it shall be circled and easily rolled out with mineral residue to prevent stain formation. Cleaning and washing are now much more convenient and easier. Number of times for cleaning is fewer, less detergent is used, water savings is higher and it is more environmental friendly, accordingly.