Typhoon Wutip causes damage to central provinces

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Typhoon Wutip causes damage to central provinces

Typhoon Wutip hit the region between Ha Tinh and Quang Tri provinces at about 5 pm today, bringing torrential rains and violent winds to the region, knocking down houses, uprooting trees, causing power outage and blocking roads. Thousands of households had been evacuated.

Tuoi Tre reporters who are Quang Tri province reported this afternoon that gusts of 75-102 kph knocked down hundreds of houses and blew roofs off many others and damaged a lot of boats.

At coastal areas in Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri, sea level was as high as 3 meters and the power in the entire district has been lost since this morning.

The same situation was seen in Le Thuy District, where residents heard news about the storm via battery-run radios as the electricity source was also cut.

By 2:30 pm more than 500 houses in Le Thuy had lost their roofs to violent winds that reached 75-102 kph and gusts of over 103 kph.

Two large trees were uprooted and fell on a building of the An Thuy Junior High School, heavily damaging the premises.

Road 565 from Cam Lien to Ho Chi Minh Road was totally blocked by tens of fallen trees.

Meanwhile, the water level of Kien Giang River rose to 2 meters at 2:30 pm Monday.

Meanwhile, Quang Binh was also suffering damage from downpours and terrible winds, while many vehicles on National Highway were trying to get out of the dangerous areas.

In Minh Hoa district, 586 families had been evacuated by 1 pm while other houses were consolidated so that they could survive violent winds and gusts.

Downpours submerged National Highway 1A linking Quang Tri town to Dong Ha, Gio Linh and to Dong Hoi City, while many trees were uprooted and roofs of many houses were blown away by terrible winds.

Many houses in Cam Thuy, Quang Trach district collapsed amidst cries of adults and children, while all means of communication were total paralyzed as power was cut.

In Quang Ninh province, Tuoi Tre reporters reported that the typhoon got closer to the shore in Hai Ninh coastal district at 3 pm, packing powerful winds.

Downpours submerged everywhere and together with whirlwinds broke many boats, collapsed houses and uprooted trees.

The same situation was seen in Ha Tinh province, where a lot houses were collapsed, trees fell down and sea waves rose to 5-6 meters at Vung Ang Port. In Ky Anh District, winds reached 62-88 kph.

A lot of people had been evacuated, Nguyen Dinh Vinh , chairman of Ky Nam commune People's Commitee told Tuoi Tre.

In Hue City, a lot of trees were knocked down by strong winds while sea waves of 3-4 meters in heights hit the shore violently.

Many roads were heavily submerged and police had to prevent people and vehicles from entering dangerous areas.

In Hoi An town, Quang Nam province, a 100 meter section of a sea dyke collapsed during the landing of the typhoon this afternoon.