Vietnam preparing documents to sue China: premier

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Vietnam preparing documents to sue China: premier

The Vietnamese government and competent agencies are preparing documents to sue China for its violation of Vietnam’s territorial sovereignty, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said on Wednesday.

The PM made the statement at a meeting in the northern city of Hai Phong during which he briefed locals on the outcome of the 13th National Assembly’s 7th session that wrapped up on June 24.

He also provided meeting participants with updated information regarding the tension in the East Vietnam Sea since China illegally deployed oil rig Haiyang Shiyou 981 in Vietnam’s waters on May 1, seriously violating the country’s sovereignty and international law.

Vietnam has objectively reported such violations, together with evidence, to the United Nations as well as the international community, the premier said.

However, the strong Chinese fleet of more than 100 vessels in the illegal rig’s area have “increasingly committed cruel acts” against the Vietnamese marine law enforcement force, he said.

“Yesterday, July 1, the defense minister reported to me that Chinese vessels have rammed or fired water cannons at our ships 70 times since early May,” PM Dung said.

“Such attacks have so far injured 15 fisheries surveillance and Coast Guard officers and four fishermen," he said, citing the report.

Chinese vessels even crashed into and sank a fishing ship of central Da Nang City, leaving behind 10 fishermen drifting at sea, he said.

“In the face of such cruel actions, our forces in the waters have tried to restrain themselves and avoid collisions with Chinese vessels,” the PM added.

Vietnam decisively demands that China remove the rig from Vietnamese waters, he said, adding that he has ordered competent agencies to make preparations for coping with difficulties and challenges that China may cause in the coming time.

“We do our best to maintain peace and friendship for the country’s development, but that peace and friendship must ensure the nation’s sacred independence and sovereignty,” the government leader said.

“We consistently and resolutely do not yield to any threat, imposition or dependence,” he stressed.

Therefore, the Party, the government and other competent agencies are rapidly preparing judicial documents to refer China’s violation of Vietnam’s sovereignty to an international arbitration agency for settlement, he said.