Petrol price up VND410 per liter

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Petrol price up VND410 per liter

The price of RON 92 petrol rose VND410 to VND25,640 per liter last night while diesel, kerosene and heavy fuel oil marked up VND290 per liter, VND410 per liter and VND130 per kilogram respectively.

With the latest hikes, the respective prices of diesel 0.05S and kerosene are now VND22,820 and VND22,950 per liter, and heavy fuel oil at VND18,690 per kilogram, Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex) announced.

According to a joint statement by the ministries of finance and industry-trade, the retail price of RON 92 petrol was VND918 lower than the 30-day base price and the price differences of diesel, kerosene and heavy fuel oil ranged from VND294 to VND437.

Therefore, fuel trading firms were permitted to increase their prices of not higher than VND418 a liter of RON 92, VND294 a liter of diesel 0.05S, VND413 a liter of kerosene and VND137 a kilogram of heavy fuel oil.

Besides fuel price increases, fuel trading firms have been allowed to get VND500 for every liter of petrol sold from the fuel price stabilization fund from on July 7, instead of the previous VND300 but the sum for heavy fuel oil remains unchanged at VND300 per kilogram.

This was the second adjustment of fuel retail prices in more than two weeks. On June 23, RON 92, kerosene and heavy fuel oil were increased by VND170-320 per liter and kilogram.

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