Prime Minister Dung sets priorities

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Prime Minister Dung sets priorities

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung provided guidance on several key projects and reports at the government’s meeting in Hanoi on August 27-28.

Regarding a draft pilot project on renewing the operational mechanisms of the National Economics University, the Ho Chi Minh University of Economics, the Foreign Trade University and Hanoi University, the government agreed to draw up a resolution, he said.

Besides the right to exercise self-control, the universities are to take responsibility for training, scientific research, equipment, personnel and finance.

Other academic institutions wishing to be granted the same privileges can submit their plans to relevant agencies and have to undergo supervision and inspection.

The government leader also informed participants that the State will provide tuition assistance for poor and underprivileged students.

With reference to a draft project commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Training on updating textbooks, the PM requested the final document to be submitted for consideration soon.

Under the draft scheme, the 12-grade system will remain in place while the ministry will compile a set of sample textbooks. Others will be urged to join the efforts at a later time.

The preliminary report on the application of information technology submitted by the Ministry of Information and Communications ranked 11 ministries and agencies as “rather good”, while three localities as “good” and 51 others as “average”.

The PM gave the green light to the Ministry of Science and Technology to submit its proposal on special mechanisms and policies for the Vietnamese-Korean Institute of Science and Technology for approval.

The government also consented to temporarily halting the implementation of a circular on the import of second-hand machinery and equipment, since some of its terms are not feasible in practice.

In response to concerns over the possible impact of exempting cross-border trade worth under 2 million VND (95 USD) per person per day on smuggling, Dung told concerned agencies to consider dropping the decision.

He also asked ministries and localities to examine the function, mission, organisation, structure and workforce of each administrative agency and public unit.

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