Japanese NGO assists Tien Giang in education development

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Japanese NGO assists Tien Giang in education development

An educational development assistance project in Vietnam funded by the Asian Community by the Asians (ACA-AQUA) of Japan proved effective in the Mekong Delta province of Tien Giang over the last ten years, promoting education development in the locality.

The results were presented in a meeting held in the locality on October 3, aiming to review the implementation of the project.

The project helped upgrade educational facilities and reduce the rate of dropouts caused by economic difficulties, thus increasing the public’s awareness of the importance of education, especially in remote areas.

Over the last decade, the provincial education sector has received financial assistance worth 7 billion VND (329,000 USD) from the project.

The funds were used to provide scholarships to poor students and consolidate the infrastructure of nine primary schools and three secondary schools.

Tran Thi Quy Mao, Vice Director of the provincial Department of Education and Training said the project had helped minimise the rate of dropouts at primary education level, especially in rural areas, and had improved the literacy rate in the community.

The Japanese non-governmental organisation ACA-AQUA has also been working with Japan’s Mabuchi Group to implement another project worth 923 million VND (43,381 USD) in Tien Giang in 2013-2016. Six local primary schools and three secondary schools will benefit direcntly from the project.

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