Vietnam, Israel exchange scientific experience

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Vietnam, Israel exchange scientific experience

A delegation from the Science Council of Vietnam Central Party agencies embarked on a fact-finding mission to Israel from September 29 to October 2 to exchange experience in scientific research and boost cooperation in the field.

The Vietnamese delegation, led by Vice Standing Chairman of the Council Pham Van Linh, held working sessions with the Israeli Ministry of Science, Technology and Space; the Agricultural Research Organisation’s Volcani Centre; and Tel Aviv University . They also visited research sites and projects where scientific models are being applied.

In the meetings, Israel expressed its willingness to cooperate with Vietnam and share experience in science and technology.

Officials from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space introduced Israel’s policies to attract investment and support businesses in the creative industries. Meanwhile, Tel Aviv University proposed the exchange of scientists, lecturers, and students, and cooperation with economics universities and research institutions in Vietnam .

The Israeli side also welcomed bilateral cooperation on personnel training in various forms.

In terms of agriculture, the two sides exchanged their expertise in applying scientific advances, encouraging research, mobilising resources, and building policy frameworks.

During the sessions, Pham Van Linh, who is also the Vice Chairman of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Popularisation and Education, said Vietnam had a high demand for the application of science in agriculture and wished to learn from Israel ’s expertise to foster domestic scientific research and improve its agricultural productivity and value.

Pham Van Linh told Vietnam News Agency correspondents that Israel’s most important resource was human creativity. He also highlighted the country’s effective scientific management mechanisms.

Israel’s technological and scientific experience was valuable for Vietnam, enabling the Southeast Asian country to immediately make full use of Israel’s achievements and progress in those fields in Vietnam, he added.

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