NA Chairman: verification of feedback prerequisite for confidence votes

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NA Chairman: verification of feedback prerequisite for confidence votes

National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung asked legislators to carefully evaluate feedback before casting votes of confidence on the three-year performances of top officials on November 15 in Hanoi.

They will express "high confidence", "confidence" or "low confidence" in officials elected or approved by the National Assembly, including the President and Vice Presidents, the NA Chairman and Vice Chairpersons, the Prime Minister, cabinet members, and the Chief Judge of the the Supreme People’s Court.

The vote of confidence was held for the first time in Vietnam during the fifth session of the 13th NA held in Hanoi from May 20 to June 21, 2013. However, only 47 officials were subject to this first round of confidence votes, since two newly-elected members were excluded from the list for not serving long enough terms.

Speaking at a NA working session in Hanoi on November 14, the top legislator expressed his belief that the NA would take an objective and common-sense approach to casting ballots in order to meet the public’s expectations.

During the ongoing NA session and previous ones, lawmakers gained an overview of the national situation, especially the socio-economic, defence and security, and external affairs, which will serve their evaluation before casting ballots.

On the same day, 462 deputies, 92.96 percent of the total, approved a Resolution on the state budget allocation for 2015.

Source: Vietnamplus