Dong Tam Group achieved 130.84% of planned profit in 2014

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Dong Tam Group achieved 130.84% of planned profit in 2014


On the morning of 27/5/2015, at the Company Headquarters (Ben Luc Commune, Long An Province), Dong Tam Group successfully organized the 2015 Annual General Shareholder’s Meeting with 87.4% participation of voting shareholders.

At the end of 2014 Dong Tam Group’s net revenue was 1,764 billion VND achieving 98.02% of target (an increase of 11.52% compared to 2013). Profit after tax was 176.6 billion VND achieving 130.84% of target (an increase of 40.5% compared to 2013). In conclusion, 2014 was an optimistic year for the business and the best of the last 4 years as reported in the General Shareholder’s Meeting.

In addition, in 2014 Dong Tam group contributed 129.4 billion VND to the National Budget.

Dong Tam brand has 45 years of history in the Vietnamese market with over 20 years listed as a “High Quality Vietnamese Product” and many branches, showrooms, displays & retail outlets, agencies and distributors nationwide. In addition, Dong Tam products are also now present in many other continents of the world

In 2014, as the real estate market was gradually recovering, the company increased its construction materials output and expanded its distribution channels in regard to patterned tiles, ceramic bathroom fixtures, colored ceramic roof tiles, primer, paints, plastic doors, grout, pilings, drainage and raw concrete. In line with market demand, the company has been confidently investing in new production lines in order to renew and upgrade their technology, expand their size and diversify their products. Cement tiles have been the traditional, key product of Dong Tam brand from the establishment of the business. This product, which used to be favored by  international, have recently gained attractions in Vietnam for luxurious real estate projects and new urban areas.  In addition, Dong Tam has invested in the Green City Project at Long An Province’s Administration Centre and New Urban Area in which some items such as service, green landscaping and  infrastructure have already been completed. In addition to their key business, in 2014, Dong Tam confidently invested in the confectionary industry by purchasing new shares issued by Kinh Do Joint Stock, that recently yields positive results.
According to the General Shareholder’s Meeting report, Dong Tam Group’s project investment strategies are showing positive results in 2015 and will continue to maintain such results in the coming years. In particular, the construction of Long An Province’s Administration Center by the Long An Province’s People’s Committee officially commenced and the real estate market in the Tan An area is expected to recuperate with increased transactions in the middle of 2015.  In addition, Dong Tam Group is investing in the Long An Industrial Zone and Port which is under rapid construction and is to be completed in the end of 2015 and in operation in 2016. Once the Soai Rap River dredging project is completed and Ben Luc – Long Thanh expressway is put into operation concurrently with the Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway, the business of Long An Industrial Zone and Port will enjoy the benefits. In addition, Dong Tam continues investing in the expansion of raw concrete plant Number 2, located in Long An, increasing production capacity from 54,000m3/ year to 1,080,000m3/ year.

Based on an analysis of 2015 challenges, Dong Tam Corporation’s Board of  Management has perceived both opportunities and the need for some changes which they  presented to the 2015 General Shareholder’s Meeting. Some crucial points included Expected Net revenue of 2,000 billion VND, estimated profit after tax of 220 billion VND and the estimated dividend is 15% and these targets was agreed by 92.56% of Voting  Shareholders in the meeting. 

According to the information shared at the General Meeting, total revenue after the first 5 months of 2015 is estimated as follows: Net Revenue was 800 billion VND (achieved 40% as planned), profit after tax was 125 billion (achieved 56% as planned).

With all the considerable outcomes of 2014 and the positive signals in the beginning of 2015, Dong Tam Group is promising more success in the coming years.

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Mr. Vo Quoc Thang - Chairman of the Board Of Management of Dong Tam Group presentation at General Meeting.


Chair of the Board of leadership in discussion about the content of voting at the General shareholders’ Meetings.


Shareholders voting at the General Meeting.


Shareholder ballot casting at the General Meeting.


Headquarter of Dong Tam Group at Ben Luc - Long An.