Vietnam's world integration lacks the right mindset

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Vietnam's world integration lacks the right mindset

There were many shortcomings in Vietnam's efforts to push for international integration including insufficient awareness about the process and a lack of a proactive mindset at some Government ministries and local authorities. This was revealed at an online conference held by the National Steering Committee for International Integration and chaired by three Deputy Prime Ministers on August 27.

Government officials charged with carrying out integration often lacked the necessary skills and knowledge for the job, participants said.

As a result, they said Vietnamese businesses and people were not well informed on numerous aspects of international integration and the country's preparation for international trade agreements and protocols had been slow and passive.

Deputy PM Vu Van Ninh urged Government ministries and localities to expand on numerous free-trade agreements signed by Vietnam as well as to provide businesses and the people with sufficient information to be able to seize the opportunity.

Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam said that in addition, international integration and economic integration required a proactive and collaborative approach across the country's numerous ministries, agencies and localities, especially from trade and business associations.

Deputy PM Pham Binh Minh said in recent years, long strides in international and economic integration had positively contributed to socio-economic development, elevated the country's status and helped safeguard the nation's independence and sovereignty.

He urged Government ministries, agencies and local authorities to continue to prioritise budget and manpower for the task, improve the qualifications of officials, ensure the quality of reports and supervision and enhance the country's law-enforcing capacity.