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Thien Thanh Sanitaryware joint company

Nano Technology

Cleanmax particles with nano size shall penetrate tiny holes in ceramic surface to form highly hydrophobic coating. When water exposes to such coating, it shall be circled and easily rolled out with mineral residue to prevent stain formation.

    Ceramic surface is remained with its smoothness and beauty after a long time of use. Durability of Cleanmax antistain coating may last up to 10 years or more depending on utilization of customer.
    Cleanmax alt 


Quiet, heavy-duty and water-saving drain system is employed by Thien Thanh.

Wash down drain mode
•    Quick and robust drain speed Average water consumption
•    Suitable for home and public toilet rooms

alt Vortex siphon drain mode
•    Draining water volume creates vortex force in toilet seat in combination with robust draft siphon effect.
•    Water savings, clean and smooth drain- suitable for luxury toilet rooms
Jet siphon drain mode
•    Draining water creates a strong pressure inside toilet, plus propulsive force of jet pushed through very strong siphon drain system with smooth operation, water savings and qualified sanitation.
•    It is suitable with luxury toilets.


SIAMP accessories
Thien Thanh products use accessories of SIAMP – a group specialized in producing the world leading sanitation accessories.

Its accessories are always updated with functions, durability and design to obtain maximum water savings.